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Τhinking of investing in a dream villa in Mykonos ?

Mykonos Feelings is your one stop service partner throughout the purchase process . Mykonos Feelings team can assist you to choose the property that best suites your criteria and guide you all the way throughout the purchase process , taking care of local bureaucracy procedures on your behalf. After you have bought your dream property , Mykonos Feelings can take care of your property's management and property rentals should you wish to do so . Finally if you ever consider selling your property , Mykonos Feelings is your one way stop service partner throughout the sale process . Our Real Estate Investment services include the following:

Investment Services

  • Thorough evaluation & presentation of all properties of Mykonos real estate market that meet your criteria;
  • Organisation of property site inspections.
  • Indepth search on local property prices & determination of the fair property price that help you make a realistic offer for the property of your interest.
  • Guidance throughout the entire purchase process, proposing the services of other experienced legal, financial and design professionals.
  • Bureaucracy & paperwork handling on your behalf in order for the purchase process to be copmpleted correctly & on time.

Property Management Services

  • Provision of Housekeeping services such as house cleaning, payment of taxes, gas, electricity, telephone bills on your behalf.
  • Ordinary maintenance (cleaning and checking of the equipment, garden,pool and general inspection and repairs) as well as extraordinary maintenance and emergency cases (repairs, reconstruction, emergencies in general).
  • Property renovation & longscale maintenance works , in co-operation with established architects & construction companies.
  • Property security for your property to be protected 24/7.
  • Property Insurance for your property to be covered against all incidents & possible dangers.

Property Rental Services

  • Property marketing including online & offline listing of your property in more than 100 Vacation Rental Agents throughout the world.
  • Price & availability Management of your bookings.
  • Welcome of Renters upon arrival and departure.
  • Daily Property inspection throughout the rental period , to ensure that renters respect the property and keep it in well standing.
  • Provision of Premium Concierge Services to Renters throughout their stay at your property.

Property Sale Services

  • Property appraisal by Chartered Real Estate Consultants to determine your property's current market value.
  • Professional photo shooting of the property & design of the appropriate marketing material.
  • Implementation of an international marketing strategy including luxury real estate agents and magazine advertisements for your property.
  • Organization of property viewings for your property with prospective buyers.
  • Bureaucracy & paperwork handling on your behalf in order for the sale process to be completed correctly & on time.